Mandril Weisse – Wheat (12×0,33cl)


The craft beer Mandril Weisse (Wheat) quenches your thirst and ignites your senses. The awakening of your taste buds!

Type of beer: Weisse (Wheat)
Alcohol: 5%
IBU: 15
Pairing: Shrimp and fresh seafood

The Weisse Craft Beer is the most acid Mandril beer. It has fruity aromas and gives an
extra-refreshing sensation.

It is an effervescent beer, almost without hop flavour and with a very low bitterness. The ideal choice for soft beer lovers. With a moderate level of alcohol, it is ideal for quenching thirst.

Beer has antioxidant properties, a high content of vitamin B, folic acid and minerals such as magnesium, silicon and phosphorus, that prevent osteoporosis.

The acid tone of the Weisse Beer (wheat beer) pairs very well with shrimp and fresh seafood. Serve cold at an optimum temperature between 8 – 12 ºC.

Additional Information
Weight 6.732 g


Water, wheat malt, barley malt, hops and yeast



Contains gluten