Hello, welcome to the next level.

Mandril Beer comes out after years, many years, of pursuit for the finest malts, hops and yeasts and their combinations. Hundreds of tests have been needed to find the exact proportion, to set the perfect fermentation...

During his search Mr. Mandril* has travelled up and down the world, he has met the best brewers -well, we should admit he probably bribed their apprentices into revealing their secrets too- he has read and memorised any literature about beer and, finally, here we are the result: Mandril Beer.

The perfect beer, a delicious and balanced Pale Ale.

Discover this exceptional PREMIUM CRAFT BEER and move to the next level.

* Mr. mandril wants to keep his anonymity, but it is no secret he is a gourmet, a hedonist and an esthete. He inherited his father's taste for gastronomy: back in the fifties his father was devoted to rate restaurants as a hobby. He may well be the first gastronomy inspector ever.

A stroke of luck changed his life: he inherited a huge fortune and started to sponsor artists with his own money. He also sponsored architects and some young chef too.